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Frequently asked questions

Below is a non-exhaustive list of frequently asked questions about catamaran cruises.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The boat and its crew

Why go boating with a professional skipper and crew?

- Enjoy your vacation without worrying about anything.
- Be reassured and confident about the condition of the boat and its level of maintenance.
- Not to wonder about your level of competence to drive such a beast!
- Feel perfectly safe at all times.
- Excellent food with local products, freshly prepared in front of you and according to your wishes.
- No shopping, washing up or cleaning up to do.
- An itinerary tailored to your desires.
- ...

Why a catamaran rather than a monohull?

With its two hulls, MeHo has more stability than a monohull and does not list. So you don't have to worry about stowing everything all the time! A catamaran is more spacious than a monohull with more living areas. It is higher up on the water, is brighter and has superb visibility (even from inside). It generally moves faster as well and offers extra safety with its two engines.
And, the icing on the cake, its shallow draft (depth of the boat below the surface) allows us to move much closer to beaches or further into coves!

Can I participate in maneuvers or steer the boat?
If you wish, and if the conditions allow it, Patrice (the Skipper) will be happy to share some maneuvers with you and let you steer the boat. He will be present at all times and will ensure the safety of each moment, so no fear.
How many people can sleep on board?

The owner's suite is equipped with a 160 x 200 bed and all the comfort and space to feel at home, with a real Italian shower, separate from the bathroom.
The other 3 large double cabins (also with 160 x 200 beds) are comfortable with sea view, each with its private bathroom with shower, sink and electric toilet with fresh water.
There is also a separate cabin and bathroom for the crew.
We can therefore accommodate up to 8 people on board, in double berths.

Is the boat shared with other passengers or privatized?

We only offer "full boat" formulas, therefore privatized, for a maximum of 8 people in double berths.

What kind of toilet does MeHo have?

Each passenger cabin is equipped with its own fresh water toilet (no odors from sea water) and electric flushes (no need to pump manually)

Does it have electricity on board?

Yes, MeHo's electrical installation is very efficient and almost autonomous in renewable energy, with its 700W of solar panels. Its generator is nevertheless available, in case of need. USB plugs are present in all the cabins and the 220V plugs work perfectly for any electrical equipment up to 1800W (hairdryer, computer, ...).
We invite you, however, not to leave phones, tablets, ... plugged in unnecessarily. Let's take good habits for the return to land!

Are there safety vests on board?

Yes, we provide safety vests (with integrated harness and lanyard) for each person. If you are bringing children, we will ask you to specify their age and weight in the "Passenger Information Form" at the time of booking - this will ensure that we have the right size vest for you.

Is smoking allowed on board MeHo?

For reasons of fire safety, odor, preservation of the condition of the boat, ... it is strictly forbidden to smoke inside or on the deck of the boat.
For "real" smokers, it is preferable to bring an electronic cigarette.

Is the crew on board at all times?
Yes, a member of the crew will be present at all times in case of need but will know how to be discreet. The crew sleeps on board and is obviously on board for every move of the boat.
Are the boat and crew insured?
Yes, the boat and crew are covered in case of an incident.
Do I need to take out insurance?

We strongly advise our clients to take out cancellation insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances. All passengers must also be covered by personal accident, medical and liability insurance.
We advise against bringing valuables on board (once overboard, they are usually lost...).

The passengers
Is there a minimum/maximum age?

MeHo is very suitable for children (see the question "Children on board?" below) and "elderly" people.

In case of presence on board of a person under 18 years old, an adult (at least) must be guarantor and ensure the vigilance. We do not offer a babysitting service. At the time of booking, we will ask you to specify the ages and weights of the children in order to be sure to have the appropriate life jackets on board.

Do I need to be "in shape"?

As long as you can board MeHo (a catamaran is easier than a monohull), you don't have to do anything else!
Access is considered "difficult" for people with reduced mobility. Wheelchair users will need to be carried to get on board and the cabins and bathrooms are difficult to access (narrow and several steps down to get there). Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific needs.

We ask you to inform us at the time of booking of any particular medical condition that may pose a risk to you, as well as any allergies or dietary requirements that we need to know about. Of course, except in a medical emergency, this information will never be disclosed.

Can we bring our children?

Yes! Life on board a boat and especially at anchor, especially on a catamaran like MeHo, is a great experience for children of all ages. They usually learn and understand very quickly the rules of safety and "community life".
It is important to make some simple rules clear before coming. The captain will explain them specifically to the children during the safety briefing.

However, it is always you, the parents, who will be responsible for at any time for your children.

The rules we impose on board for children(depending on their ages and the sea conditions) and which are non-negotiable:

  1. The wearing of the vest is mandatory outside the cockpit
  2. Never go to the front of the boat (even when not sailing) without an adult
  3. When sailing, and with the prior agreement of the Captain, the child authorized to go to the front must always be attached with a lanyard (hooked to the vest/harness and to the life line) + with an adult.
  4. Never leave the boat without warning.
  5. Never run/jump on the boat.
  6. At anchor, when swimming/playing in the water - always be with others, never alone
Can I bring my dog/cat/rabbit, ... ?

No, it is not possible to come on board MeHo accompanied by an animal (furry or feathered).

Will I get seasick?

We hope not but if you are sensitive to motion sickness, we advise you to bring with you medicines, acupressure bracelets, essential oils, homeopathy, ... Take advice from your pharmacist, in organic stores, ...

We cannot provide you with any medication.

What are the usual sea and wind conditions in Corsica?

Corsica, with its Mediterranean climate, enjoys a sunny and dry summer with an air temperature around 30°C and a bathing water of 24°C.
A sea breeze rises in the morning, preventing it from being too hot.

In spite of the fact that the weather forecast is taken several times a day, the unpredictability of the weather in the Mediterranean means that you can never be sure of a gale. The itinerary and anchorages envisaged at the start could therefore be modified by the skipper (see below "What happens in case of bad weather?").

Bring "warm" clothes for the evening and possibly, if you are sensitive, an anti-seasickness treatment. It would not necessarily be easy or possible to find a pharmacy if you had not taken any (or not enough) at the beginning.

We cannot provide any medication.

How long do the sailings last?

The duration of the sailing depends mainly on your wishes and the itinerary agreed upon before your departure. It can be a short trip with only one or two hours between anchorages, or it can be longer in order to reach more distant destinations.

Beyond your initial desires, it will also depend on the direction and strength of the wind and the state of the sea. The Captain will be able to advise you at any time and in particular in case of modification of the program.

What happens in case of bad weather?

We are dependent on the weather and sea conditions.
If these conditions constitute a risk for navigation or anchoring, the Captain will inform you in order to modify the planned program in order to remain or regain all the safety of your cruise.
He will decide to sail to a sheltered port taking into account the evolution of the weather conditions.
The possible harbor fees will be at your charge.

Food and beverages
What kind of food is served on board?

When you make your reservation, we will ask you to tell us your preferences and specific needs. We will adapt to your wishes. You can already consult our Kitchen section to have an idea of our menus... These are given as an indication only.

You will also be asked to fill out a form when you sign the rental contract to notify us of any food allergies or dietary requirements.

Are drinks included?

As for the food, you will indicate before departure your preferences for the drinks. 

These consumptions will be invoiced in addition.

How is drinking water managed on board?

MeHo is equipped with a seawater desalinizer as well as an efficient and environmentally friendly water filtration system, capable of removing all pollutants* without affecting its mineral qualities.

Whether it is "city" water or "desalinated" sea water, all the water on the boat is filtered at the outlet of the tanks. There is also an additional filtered tap in the kitchen for drinking water. As an ecological commitment, we do not use any plastic water bottles on board (as little plastic as possible, no matter how it is used).

Water, in general on a boat, must be approached with more reason and this despite a 700L tank and a watermaker.

What happens if we want to eat on land during our stay?

We encourage our guests to have the experience, at least once during their stay, of "going ashore" to eat. These meals are, of course, not included in the price of the stay.

Reservation, arrival and departure
What are the payment methods for stays on board MeHo?

Bank transfer.

What are the payment methods for any supplements?

Any supplements must be paid at the end of the cruise by bank transfer, VISA card or cash.

How much is the down payment?

For a reservation more than 45 days before departure:

  • 1st deposit of 40% at reservation,
  • Balance of 60%, 45 days before departure.

For a reservation less than 45 days before departure:

  • 100% on reservation.
What are the cancellation conditions?

We invite you to consult our Contractual Conditions.

Before boarding: If the renter renounces the rental, does not pay the deposit or the balance within the time limit, changes the dates or cancels the contract (for whatever reason), the deposit(s) paid will be retained.

We recommend that the renter take out a "Cancellation" insurance policy, for his benefit and at his expense.

After boarding: Any defection or decision to interrupt the cruise by the Hirer (for whatever reason), does not entitle the Hirer to any refund or compensation.

Can I end up going over my budget during the cruise?

Before signing the rental contract, we will send you a complete detail of what is included as well as a list of possible additional options. We will always ask you to confirm in writing (a simple signature) any possible additions you may wish to make during your stay on board.

The only unforeseen costs would be the consequences of weather conditions that would force us to be in port. In this case, the shipping costs would be at your charge.

Can I book for less than a week?

Our stays usually last one week.

However, if you wish to spend less time on board, we can consider it "off season" (October to April) or according to the booking calendar. Let us know your wishes so that we can study its possible feasibility.

What are the arrival and departure times?

Boarding time is on Saturday between 4 and 5 pm and disembarkation the following Saturday at 9 am. If you are arriving by your own means and you are late, please let us know.

Can the crew manage our arrival/departure from the boat?

Yes, we would be happy to assist you in organizing your arrival and/or departure. Travel expenses will be at your expense.

Entertainment and games
What water play equipment is provided on board?

We have 2 paddles, 1 kayak and a Knee-board (with medical confirmation).

Are there fins, masks and snorkels on board?

We have fins, masks and snorkels on board MeHo in several sizes. Feel free to bring your own though, they are bound to fit better.

Can we listen to our own music on board MeHo?

MeHo is equipped with a high-end audio system with speakers inside and in the cockpit. You can connect your ipod, phone, mp3, ... via Bluetooth or Aux. Let the party begin!

Is there internet on board?

There is a 4G antenna on the mast which allows to receive internet. This signal is relayed within the boat by a Wi-Fi terminal to which it is possible to connect with his smartphone, tablet, computer.

The quality/speed of the connection will obviously depend on the local network.

Apart from the water games, are there any other activities on board?

We have a collection of board games.

Clothing and personal effects
Does he have any recommended items to take/not take for the cruise?

Yes, we invite you to consult our " Travel Tips " page where you will find all the information you need to prepare your stay.

Keep in mind that a cruise on a privatized catamaran has nothing to do with a stay in a hotel or a large cruise ship - even if a catamaran is "big" (compared to a monohull), the storage space remains limited. It is strongly advised to bring only what is necessary.

Furthermore, hard cases are not recommended as we would not be able to store them during the stay.

Are bed linen and towels provided?

Each cabin is equipped with bed linen and hand towels as well as a bath sheet and a beach fouta, per person. Remember to bring your own beach towels.

Is rain gear or sailing gear provided?

We do not provide rain gear or sailing gear. However, you won't necessarily need it on the boat because even in case of rain, it is quite possible to stay dry on a catamaran.

Do I have to wear specific shoes on board?

Shoes on a boat are a whole story...

This is the perfect opportunity to give your feet freedom by going barefoot!

Otherwise, sneakers or sandals with white soles are ideal for moving around on the deck while sailing, but should be reserved for the boat - indeed, when wearing these same shoes on land, small pebbles accumulate in the soles and risk damaging the boat's covering when back on board.

Shoes with black soles and heels can stain/damage the with heels can stain/damage the flooring and should not be worn on board.

Do I need to use specific shower gels/shampoos?

The water in the showers (in the cabins and on the deck) is filtered fresh water, so the water is "just like at home" (even better). The water in the showers goes directly to the sea. We therefore ask you to choose your care products "in conscience" and to favor organic/natural products.

What kind of sunscreens would you recommend?

First of all, for safety reasons, we ask you to avoid sun oils as they quickly turn the deck into an ice rink and stain the cushions.

Do you have any other questions about MerMeho cruises?