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Imagine yourself already on board... amazed by the grandiose landscapes that pass by; lying down in the bow with the dolphins playing with the bows, almost within reach...; swimming in turquoise waters in a cove inaccessible from the land; basking in the sun (or in the shade) with a good book; strolling in a village; dining in a local restaurant, ...

Moments of relaxation, action, contemplation, ...

Below you will find ideas, tips and suggestions to help you pack your bags already.

> Suitcase... We work on flexibility...

When preparing your suitcase, remember that a cruise on a catamaran is nothing like a stay in a hotel or on a large cruise ship - even if a catamaran is "spacious" (compared to a monohull), the storage space is still limited.
For this reason, we recommend that you bring only the bare necessities.

Hard-sided suitcases will have difficulty finding a place on board to be stored.

Prefer one or two soft bags that can be folded and therefore easier to store.


> CLOTHING... Light but also enough to cover up

On board a boat, and on the water in general, favour the layering of "layers":

  • for the day - light summer clothing, shorts, t-shirts, shirts, skirts, swimwear, sarongs, tunics/beach dresses...
  • and, for the evening or in case of wind or when sailing - some long sleeves and a good sweater/fleece/shawl... A windbreaker will also be very appreciated...

Remember to bring a casual-smart outfit if you want to go out to dinner.

Anti-UV clothes are very useful if you want to spend time snorkeling, and a T-shirt to wear under the vests during water sports (Paddle, Kayak, ...).


> SHOES... Barefoot or white soles on board

Shoes on a boat are a whole story...

We invite our guests to enjoy the pleasure of being "barefoot" or in sandals on MeHo.

In all cases, shoes with white soles are to be preferred. Good manners on board forbid the wearing of shoes with black soles or heels.

Neoprene shoes or boots can be useful if you want to discover the creeks by the rocks...


> SUN PROTECTION... essential but without oil please

  • Good quality sunglasses (polarized if possible) are strongly recommended, as well as hats/caps. The reverberation is strong on the water and therefore the risk of sunburn is increased.
    If possible, bring several hats/caps (and/or straps) because the wind has a tendency to play with them...
  • Long sleeves, scarves, anti-UV clothing etc. are very useful to protect you from the bite of the rays.
  • Sunscreens - Especially for safety reasons, we ask you to avoid sun oils as they quickly turn the deck into an ice rink.


> BEACH TOWELS... not provided

We provide bath towels and foutas but no beach towels. So remember to bring your own.


> CARE PRODUCTS... we travel light

As for any trip, especially on a boat, it is advisable to travel light in terms of care products. Think about mosquito repellent and, if you are sensitive to seasickness, pills and/or bracelets can help you get through these uncomfortable moments.

In the showers (in your cabin and on the deck), the water is freshly filtered "like at home" (even better). As it goes directly to the sea, we ask you to choose your care products "in conscience" and to privilege organic/natural products.


> ACCESSORIES... not so accessories...

  • Earplugs/quies - although generally very quiet on board MeHo, there may be some unusual noises for the "uninitiated". They can sometimes be useful if the boat is in port for the night.
  • A waterproof bag is very practical for your personal belongings, especially when traveling by dinghy.
  • Books or e-reader


> ELECTRONICS... the sun also charges them

  • Camera, iPod, mp3 player, e-reader, ... and their charging cables. There are USB sockets in all cabins and MeHo is well equipped with solar panels to charge everything.
  • MeHo is equipped with good hairdryers whose power is adapted to the boat. No need to bring your own.


> for children... " boat on water ".

Please remember to bring any "special" items for your children (bottles*, wipes, diapers, treatments, ...) as well as some of their favorite toys & books.
Please do not bring the following toys/activities: play dough, felt pens/wax crayons, ...

* We do not have a microwave on board. The bottles will be heated in a bain-marie.

The water on the boat is filtered by a high performance system, making it perfectly drinkable. If you would like a special bottled water for your baby, please let us know at the time of booking so that we can make sure we have some on board.

We advise you to bring a small bag (waterproof if possible) with the following items: hat, sunglasses, beach sandals, special sun cream for children, anti-UV swimsuit, swimming goggles/masque, mosquito repellent, ...


> TIPS... not so silly thoughts

  • Leave your valuables at home, especially those that are not water resistant.
  • Think sun protection, and after sun cream, not to spoil your vacations!
  • Identification.
  • Seasickness stamps/bracelets, so sensitive.
  • Orders, if applicable.
  • Your fins, masks, snorkels - if you prefer to use your own.
  • Certificate of medical fitness if you wish to practice towed buoys.

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